Why The Domingfactory ?

Domingfactory for domed stickers in any size and shapeThe Domingfactory strives to have close contact not only with its existing customers but also with new customers. We like to design, produce and deliver high quality domed stickers according to our customer’s requirements and at a good price.

We are also able to deliver small quantities.

The production of the stickers and labels takes place in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands and we use the latest technical equipment which includes robots. This enables us to produce and deliver quickly and on time.

The Domingfactory is able to produce labels and stickers in all shapes and sizes.

The Domingfactory is able to print and dome all colors on white vinyl. We can also produce gold, silver and transparent domed stickers.

We have several different adhesive options. For curved items we advise and can produce soft-doming labels. Please contact our sales department should you have any questions about doming.